How To Find A Free Online Job From Home That Fits Your Needs

How To Find A Free Online JobThere are many free ways to make money online, and all from your own home. But sometimes, the question isn’t on how to find a free online job from home, but which free job to choose.

In this article, it is hoped that you’ll learn how to find the correct job for yourself by learning key questions to ask yourself before you choose a certain job. We’ll also look at a few free work-from-home jobs that you can choose from as well.

Finding The Right Questions To Ask

Asking questions about your life, and about the situation that you are in is the best way to figure out what job you need. But it’s not a matter of asking any type of questions, but ones that bring to light the why and how of you making money.

For example, asking the question of whether you like broccoli isn’t really going to help you find the right job that you can do from home (unless it’s being an online blogger who specializes in broccoli).
But there are questions that you can ask, so that you can get to the right answer of the best job for you to do online and from home. Those questions are:

  1. Do you need money right now, or later?
  2. What are your specific goals and interests?
  3. What is your current ‘living’ situation?

1. Do You Need Money Right Now?

MoneyThere are a dozen’s programs that you can look into that can make you money, but only later on down the road. Some people are making a lot of money from blogging, but it took them about two or so years of hard work.

That’s why this question is so critical, and should be asked first. If you don’t need the money right now, then I would probably tell you that the best free job is blogging and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing in its basic form is simply blogging about certain products, and if people buy that product through your link, you receive a percentage of the money.

Blogging can be done easily at home, or anywhere you have internet access. Which means, with blogging, you can take your job anywhere you choose to go, whether that’s visiting relatives, on vacation, or while you travel.

It’s also relatively free. You can start a blog for free, using free websites to blog on. On top of that, hosting your own website, and having your own dot (.) com website usually costs less than $50 a year – relatively cheap for starting up a business.

But maybe you need money now.

And if that’s so, then blogging isn’t the best way to go. It’s probably best to look on jobs sites like Indeed, Monster, or FlexJobs and see if you can find some sort of remote work.

Remote work can range from customer service and tech support, to proofreading and copy-writing. Some jobs will need you to be qualified in certain things, but the majority of Entry-Level jobs found on those sites you should be able to apply for.

So the very first question to ask yourself is whether you need money right now, or if you don’t need it until 3, 6 or even 12 months from now.

2. What Are Your Specific Goals And Interests?Goals and Interests

This is a crucial question to ask next, as you can further define the job that you are looking for. What interests you? What are you goals and purpose for how you live, and what you work at?

For example, if you enjoy teaching, and/or enjoy helping people out, teaching English to other people might be a good job for you.

Some companies will pay 15-20 dollars to have people teach English to Chinese kids. And it’s not that hard at all. If you can speak English well, then you’re qualified (Note: Some companies do require you to have a Bachelors degree in any field).
If you enjoy solving problems, programming or coding jobs may be for you. Or an online tech support help desk position may just fill your interests.

Another thing that comes along with this question is what are your specific goals for money? How much do you want to make, and what are you spending it on?

If you only need a little money for buying odds and ends, then you could look into jobs that have you fill out surveys, do data entry work, or other random things that people want you to do for them.

There are dozens of places out there that you can find jobs like this. Reddit has a subreddit called BeerMoney which gives jobs just like the ones outlined above.
So the second question that you want to ask yourself is what exactly your interests are in life, so that you can find a job that fills those, and that you’ll enjoy it. On top of that, asking yourself how much money you need will also help bring about a better idea at what type of job you really need.

3. What Is Your Current ‘Living’ Situation?

living situationThis last question helps you find the right type of job so that your life doesn’t need to change too much. You can find some jobs out there that allow you to work when you want, how long you want, and where you want.

Maybe you’re just trying to find a 9-5 online job – and if that’s you, then like I’ve said before, take a look at jobs sites, and search for remote jobs.

But some don’t want that. Some only want a part-time job, or they want a job that they can do while watching their loved ones.

Many now-a-days are looking to find ways to fill the gaps of when they have to watch their kids, or older relatives. But you can’t exactly block out specific times of the day for a job – which means you want to find one that is flexible.

Transcription jobs abound all around and aren’t that hard to do. Simply listen to what someone says, and write it down (transcribe it). Most of the transcription jobs require that you finish the transcription within a certain time frame, which gives you time to do it throughout your day.

Proofreading and editing jobs are flexible as well. If you freelance your skills on freelance websites, you can receive jobs that allow you to choose the time you do them. This website helps you learn the art of proofreading, and shows you how you can make money from it.

You will also want to look into what resources you have on hand. For example, how good is your internet connection? Do you have a good headset/tech to do the certain job that you want to do?
If you don’t, you’ll have to see if it’s worth investing in those things you’ll need or if you want to choose a different job. Some jobs require you to have a certain upload/download internet speed to work for them.

So the last question you ask should help answer what type of job you want and can afford. Whether you need a flexible job or stable one, or if you need to spend some money to make something, this answer should get you thinking in the right direction!

Free Jobs Are All Around Us!

Free Jobs OnlineThere was research that was published recently that argued that in the future more and more work would be online and remote.
But that isn’t the future. It’s actually happening right now. Millions are working from home, finding jobs that they can do all from the comfort of where they are living.
While some of them do require certain technical skills, some of them don’t, and be easily applied for. Just search around the internet, and you’re sure to find something that works for you!

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