Is Do Part Time Job A Scam? (Proof You Can’t Get Paid!)

DoPartTimeJob(dot)com is a site that is an exact mirror of another site that we’ve just looked at earlier today. It was a strange coincodence that we found both sites on the same day, but it happened none-the-less!

Is Do Part Time Job a scam? And can you actually get paid to send referrals to the site? Continue reading to find out!


Product: Do Part Time Job (DPTJ)

Creator(s): Unknown

Description: A site that claims that you can make money, in a relatively short amount of time, all by just having people click through your referral link.

Price: Free

Recommended? No

Rating: 1 out of 10

Alternative Program:

You’re here wondering if dopartimejob(dot)com is a legit site that you can make money from, right? Well, I won’t spare you the wait.

Most likely, the site isn’t going to make you any money, even though it claims that you can and looks like you can. I recently reviewed a site called TheJobPayment(dot)com, that has the same exact layout as DPTJ’s (Do Part TIme Job) site.

In that site I showed why it wasn’t worth your while to do anything with that site, and why I thought it was a scam. And since both site are exactly alike (with just the URL being different), I’ll summarize below what I found out.

The Lack Of Encryption

As you noticed on this site, we have HTTPS in the front of our URL. HTTPS is the best way to browse the internet, because the S in HTTPS basically means Security.

HTTPS sites encrypt all the data that is transferred to and from the site. HTTP sites don’t. That’s why when using DPTJ you should be very careful, as it’s easier to see all the data that is being sent to the site, and back to your browser.

The Lack Of Standard Pages

Most sites have a Privacy Policy and a Terms Of Service page for you to look at to see what exactly the certain site handles your information, and how you can use the site.

For example, the Privacy Policy will usually say what they collect when you visit a site (browser heading, ip address, etc), and what they do with it. Usually they’ll keep it as private as possible. But in some cases, sites have been known to say that they’ll sell that info, or use it for their own personal gain.

The Terms of Service usually will give you the rules in which you can use the site – for example, if you have to be a certain age, how you can use their programs/services, and what they agree to allow you to do with their site.

But because DPTJ doesn’t have any of these things you have no clue what they’re doing with all the info that you’ll be giving them, assuming you sign up and use their program.

The Registration Process

As you’ll notice from the screenshot above, they want you to put in your email address, home address, and full name. Without a Privacy Policy on their site, there is no easy way to know what exactly their going to do with all that info. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a lot of junk (e)mail being sent to my inbox, and mail box.

The Lack Of Support

I contacted support (both for this site and for the other mirror site), and both don’t seem to have their emails working.

The screenshot above shows that I got an email from my email provider basically saying that the email I sent wasn’t able to get there, since the email isn’t a vaild email.

So what happens if I need help with something when I get to make money? There is no where else to get support for anything I may need help with!

The Lack Of Knowledge About The Creator(s)

There is no info on who actually owns the site, or who built it. For all we know, this could be run by some scammers, and if we knew the name, then we wouldn’t do business with them.

It just doesn’t make sense to not be able to know who owns a certain site, nor for the support to work either. It’s definitely something that makes me think twice about using this site.

Is Do Part Time Job a scam?

From all that we’ve seen, and from what I’ve looked into the site, yes, I would call this a scam. I mean, even the URL doesn’t make sense in proper English.

Do Part Time Job? Shouldn’t it be – Do part time jobs? Or, Do part-time Jobs? The URL clearly doesn’t show proper English and should be a great indication for not using this site.

But just because we’ve called it a scam, doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun right?

The payment system of DPTJ

According to the site, if you get enough unique visitors to go through the referral link that DPTJ gives you, then you can get paid.

They claim that they’ll give you 5-10 dollars per unique visitor (a rather high amount). And since it is my job to get scammed for everyone reading this, I decided to try this.

As you can see from the screenshot above, it says that if I get to $300, they’ll pay me. And you’ll also notice that I’ve made $250 already.

How did I do that?

The site only counts unique visitors, so I gave it unique visitors. All the site cares about is if the IP Address is different for each time something/someone goes to the referral link I have.

If you didn’t understand the above, that’s okay. Basically, I can make it look like the site is getting unique visitors, while in reality, it’s just me visiting a different way each time.

So, can you really get paid?

Well, after visiting my link a few more times (it does take a while), I finally achieved what I wanted – $300 dollars!

300 dollars. Not bad for half a days work. The only problem is that I won’t get paid. As you’ll notice in the screenshot, it tells you to click to open ‘captcha test’.

You have to be very careful clicking on links people tell you to click on. It could lead to something bad. Also, there are easy ways to put a captcha test right now the site, so that you should never have to go some where else to perform a captcha.

Is the captcha test legit?

The captcha test wasn’t actually a test. It was just a site that says you need to fill out a Payout form, and on to the next steps…

So I need to go to another link, so that I can complete the next steps? I don’t quite understand why I need to do all this, but I will try none-the-less…

The following screenshot shows that I need to download a file? Um, yeah, I’m not sure I want to do that.

seeing as I couldn’t exactly download the PDF, I guess I won’t be getting paid…

Is DPTJ Legit?

Do Part Time Job is a scam, and a pretty convincing one at that. Even if you try to get paid, you’ll have to jump through a bunch of hoops, and even still, you’ll end up not making any money.

I wasn’t the only one who can’t get paid. There are dozen of other people who I’ve found that can’t get paid either. They’ve tried to do various things, and even after everything they tried, they still haven’t received their money.

But the day hasn’t completely gone to waste. I made $300 in a short amount of time! Then again, since I can’t get a hold of it, I guess I didn’t really make anything…

(UPDATE: As I was continuing to look into DPTJ, I found another 30+ sites that have the same exact website as DPTJ. You can take a look at all those I’ve found here.)

A much better alternative to DPTJ

DPTJ is a scam, that is for sure. But there are programs out there that you can make money, provided you work hard, and can work hard for several months.

If you are willing to work hard, I would recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate. They are a site that is dedicated to helping people make money with Affiliate Marketing. Basically, they teach you how to build a website, and promote products that you love and enjoy.

And the process is pretty simple. They’ll help you build your free website within 30 seconds, show you how to get people to your site, and even give you advice on your site as you progress forward.

Best of all, they have a free membership just so that you can check out if it’s right for you. Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate below, where I look into the good and the bad, along with the struggles that I had to overcome to realize how to make money online.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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  1. This is helpful.. Thanks for your concern to everybody on social media.. Hope, this will stop the scamming.. Poor and not so poor people who only wanted to have an extra income for their living might get scammed and suffer the consequences of losing their hard earned money to culprits/hackers.. Thank you very much, i might say so so much..

    • I hope so too, Nick. It sucks that there are people out there who want to take advantage of people just looking for honest work, and some extra cash flow. That’s partly why I started this list of legit jobs that anyone can do online. Hopefully it will help someone out there to find a much better site to try to make money.


    • Gerald, did you even read our article? You come here and offer us your affiliate link to the site? That’s actually so weird a thing that’s it’s funny!

      Thanks for commenting. Let us know if you ever get paid (cause if you would read our article, you would realize just how impossible it is)!


    • Just leave Bob. You don’t need to do anything else. There is no way to ‘quit’. If you stop using it, you account should (hopefully) be deleted.

  2. Ow men thankyou! I already had $125. thank you for letting me know that [redacted] site is a scam . I just wasted my time with that site.

  3. Thanks Andy, really great help. A trusted friend referred me to this site and I luckily just have this habit of searching for reviews first and found you. Saved me a ton of hopelessness.

  4. Thank you for this review Sir Andy, it helps a lot to me and to everyone. It made me realized that I should check first for a site before I registered into it. And I hope those scammers/hackers don’t take advantage to those who wants to just earn. Sir Andy, Godbless. ? Good Job !


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