What Is Human Proof Designs About? Find Quality Pre-built Websites Today!

Human Proof Designs is a site that has been around for 5 or so years now, and has proved the test of time to be trustworthy and legit.

For over the last few years, Human Proof Designs has helped hundreds of new affiliate marketers to make money online, and helped people find financial freedom. What exactly is Human Proof Designs about? Continue reading to find out!

Websites: https://humanproofdesigns.com

Product: Human Proof Designs (HPD)

Creators: Dom Wells

Description: A site primarily making pre-made sites for beginners, but also offers a broad variety of services for affiliate marketers

Price: $100-$2000+ (Depending on what you buy)

Recommended? Yes

Rating: 10 out of 10

HPD (Human Proof Designs) was started by a guy named Dom Wells. Dom started as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, the same program that I’m a part of.

Trying several various website ideas, Dom never really seemed to get anywhere with his initial steps into affiliate marketing. But then one day he had an idea.

He would regularly go to online marketplaces where sites were sold, like Flippa.com, and see a lot of junk sites being sold. Sites that he realized you couldn’t make money with, even if you tried. Some sites he found were ones that were literally the same, just the URL was different!

The problem was that new beginners were buying all these sites up quickly. Many of these people saw the words ‘instant success’, ‘millionaire website’, ‘passive income’, and they bought into those lies rather quickly.

So, because of this Dom started HPD. He realized that he could make better websites than those he found on those marketplaces.

Slowly, but surely, he started making them, and had some initial success. And as he continued making the sites, and growing in followers, he added more services to his site, bringing even more money and traffic.

Today, Dom is the proud owner of a 7-figure business, and has a host of people working under him. With his success, he has been able to travel to places and teach the skills he has learned to others, so that they can follow in his own steps, and make money online.

What Does HPD Provide?

HPD has a wide variety of services that they provide. While they used to primarily deal with pre-made niche websites, they have a large selection of affiliate marketing services for you to take a part of. Whether you need articles for you blog, keywords for you to use, or free content for you to learn, HPD has it.

Pre-made Niche Sites

HPD is especially known for their pre-made websites. They make the website, and then sell it. And if you choose to buy it, you’re given a high-quality site that has the potential to earn, provided you continue to grow it out.

They also sell aged sites, sites that have been around 6 months or so. The idea behind this is that sometimes Google won’t rank your website well until a few months of it being around. This is known as Google Sandboxing.

HPD holds the site until the Sandboxing is done, and then sells the site, so that those who buy it can immediately rank well on Google Search Results, and on other search engines as well.

Also, if you know what site you want exactly, but don’t want to make it yourself, then you can always contact HPD, and they would be more than willing to make it for you, provided you pay a certain fee.

High Quality Content

HPD also offers content creation for your website. Have you ever not been able to write enough, or needed a few extra articles to publish to your website?

If so, then let HPD do it for you. They off article packs, where you’ll get a pack of articles of a few thousand words to tens of thousands of words. This gives you plenty of content to publish for your site for a while.

They also have a service that provides you with an ebook. Free ebooks, or ebook giveaways, are a great way to get more subscribers to your site, and to start you email campaigns. But, writing the ebook can be tough.

Because of this HPD is willing to write you an ebook for your site, so that you can start to immediately jump into starting your email campaigns, and getting email subscribers.

SEO and Keyword Services

Do you need help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or need help knowing which keywords are best to target? Well, look no further than HPD for their services. They’ll help you with both of those things, as well as making new reports, and backlinks.

A keyword is just a simple phrase that people search on the internet. If you find the right ones, you can get a lot of good quality traffic from search results. Since it can be a hard thing to find those good keywords, HPD does it for you, giving you a pack of phrases for you to work with on your site.

Backlinks, links from other sites that link to your own site, are another great way to get more traffic to your site, and be seen as a site with authority. But many of the backlinks now-a-days aren’t that great. That’s why HPD offers a service to help you get those quality backlinks you need, without the hassle of getting bad ones as well.

HPD’s Free Content

While HPD does have a bunch of services that they offer, they do have a lot of free content to help new affiliate marketers to learn from.

They have numerous blog entries about ways to write better, get more results, and how to optimize your content effectively.


They also have a podcast that they’ve been putting out for a while now. In it, not only do they give helpful advice, but they also interview some knowledgeable people, people who have been around for a while, and are authorities in their niches.

And best of all, you can check out the success stories of real life people who have purchased websites from HPD, and the ups and downs they’ve had with being a website owner.

Who Is HPD For?

HPD is for anyone and everyone interested in affiliate marketing, and making money online, but don’t know where to start. They are also for those who have some money to spend on quality sites that will make them money sooner than most other sites.

Check out HPD today, and start learning how to earn from and online website!

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