Is Magic Of Making Up A Scam? Or Can You Truly Get Your Ex Back?

Magic Of Making Up claims to be able to help you get your ex back. But are their claims really valid? Whether you’re dealing with breakup, divorce, or cheating, making up is never easy.

But is Magic of Making Up a scam, or does it really give you the way to bringing back the one you love into your life?

Company: Magic Of Making Up (MOMU)

Creators: T. W. Jackson

Description: A book that gives you ideas and solutions to getting your ex back after a break up.

Price: $39 (Or For Free)

Recommended? Maybe – The more I looked into it, the better it seems.

Rating: 8 out of 10

MOMU (Magic Of Making Up) is something that I have mixed feelings about. It’s definitely not one of those normal program that I usually look at. But it is a book that talks about a pretty basic topic that most people have to deal with – breaking up.

Break ups can be hard to take. Some deal with it by throwing themselves into their work, shutting out everything else in their life. Other cope by not thinking about their ex, and just trying to move on with life one step at a time.

Some break-ups happen tragically, and others by mutual consent. Some happen on a whim of emotion, and others by careful, calculated planning.

But how or why they happen, one thing is clear. Break ups happen all the time, and can be painful to go through. And many times, the person who was broken up with is left wondering what they did wrong, and what they should do next.

MOMU comes to those who need that help. And more specifically, they come to help those who want to try to get their ex back. Whether it was a mutual break up, because of cheating, or divorce, MOMU brings sound advice to try to help bring back the one you loved.

What Is Magic Of Making Up?

MOMU is book that you can purchase to help ‘make up’ with those who broke up with you. The table of contents give a good idea of what the book is about:

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Why Your Relationship Ended (And Why It’s Not Over Just Yet)
  • Chapter 2: Don’t Panic – Your Key to Winning Back Their Love (Getting Your Head On Straight)
  • Chapter 3: Removing the Splinter in Your Relationship (Where Do You Stand?)
  • Chapter 4:Re-Igniting the Spark of Passion and Desire (The Plan)
  • Chapter 5: Dates and Lovers – How Other People Can Actually Bring You Back Together With Your Ex
  • Chapter 6: Easing Back Into Your Relationship to Solidify Your Love
  • Chapter 7: Maintaining the Fun and Love Without Dredging Up Old Wounds and Arguments
  • Chapter 8: When Your Relationship Can’t Be Saved – Moving On With Grace

T. W. Jackson – The Creator Of MOMU

T. W. Jackson is the one who created the book. He’s been selling it for over several years now, and has helped quite a few of people with his advice.

Jackson comes from a military background. He’s lived in several countries while on tour, and used some of the techniques found in the books as he taught US Navy Officers.

From the various videos of Jackson on his site, he seems like a pretty laid-back kind of guy. Open and honest, Jackson is just trying to help you get through the hardship of break up – and tries to help you get it back together, if that is possible.

Will This Help You?

There are a lot of reviews out there that give mixed results about whether this helps you. Some have found that this book gave them just what they needed, and were able to change the heart break into them coming back together again.

Others talk about how the course didn’t do anything for them, that the techniques don’t work, and that the ideas behind the whole idea of MOMU are trash.

It’s not easy to know whether this book will really help you. Break ups happen for so many different reasons, and some break-ups were because you or the other person deserved it.

I do think the book does outline some key ideas that will help you move on, if making up doesn’t work out. And if that’s what you need at this point, then the book may just be for you.

Don’t have the money to buy the book? Read on to the end, where I’ll explain how to get it for free!

The Site – Giving MOMU A Detailed Look Over

While I believe MOMU isn’t a scam, that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t point out several things found within the site, and how they relate to it looking like it’s a scam.

This product definitely isn’t a scam, but with an outdated sales page, and pages/links that don’t seem to work, MOMU can come across as looking scam-ish.

The Sales Page

MOMU has a one-page sales page that doesn’t seem to be up-to-date with today’s modern way of getting people’s attention. In fact, if I had to rate it on the sales page alone, I would have called it out as a scam.

The sales page is a long-winded, very scammy looking sales page, with a link to the book every 5-7 paragraph. And when I mean long-winded, I mean loooong-winded. Jackson doesn’t quite seem to know when to stop writing.

The layout of the page is pretty basic, and was initially used back in the early 2000s. With today’s easy-to-use website creators and landing pages, MOMU’s sales page could use an update to making it more visually appealing.

But, ’nuff said.

Affiliate Page

I looked into their affiliate program to see if I could become one, and make a little money if I promoted this product. Unfortunately this didn’t seem to be working properly, and thus, I’m not making anything by promoting Jackson’s MOMU book.

They said there was a place to put your email, and more directions would be given to you. I search and search, but have yet to find that spot on where to put that email address. It definitely doesn’t help their site if things are working properly, and ranks the site less in my eyes.

Video Propaganda

The few videos on the site were actually very interesting to watch. Not that they had cool graphics, or colorful words dancing all about. It was because Jackson presented himself as he was.

Most people, especially scammers, will try to make everything perfect on their video. That way, those watching will trust them just a little more. But Jackson doesn’t do that.

You get a sense of who Jackson really is, and the how and why of him writing this book and selling it. If being unprofessional in his videos are a ploy to scam people of their money, he’s definitely duped me!

I Don’t Have The Money!

If you don’t have the money for reading this book, then take heart! Interestingly, I found it online for free.

There are dozens of places online to find books for free, and many of them are scams, which is why I don’t often find books for free. But this specific book, Magic Of Making Up, I found for free at a rather interesting website.

I found it for free on MOMU’s website!

I don’t know if this is supposed to be available for the public, or if something else is going on. But you can take a look at the book for free right here!

Give the book a try and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then no worries. At least you didn’t lose any money. If it did work, then congratulations on making up with your break up! Feel free to share you success, or failure, within the comments below!

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