OnNobleSportsStore.com Review: Is On Noble Sports A Scam? Or Are Their Products Really Free?

Scammers are using everything now-a-days to try to entice people to their site, and get them to order something from their store. And OnNobleSportsStore.com could be just that.
Is On Noble Sports A Scam? That is just what we’re trying to get to the bottom of, and hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll be better informed to decide for yourself whether OnNobleSportsStore.com is legit.

We’ll admit it right now. We can’t exactly prove that On Noble Sports is a scam. But given what we’ve seen, and what we know, that is just what we would lean towards.

So, what exactly do we know?

What Is OnNobleSportsStore.com?

On Noble Sport's Main PageOn Noble Sports is a store that claims to be selling jerseys. But the interesting thing is they currently aren’t selling anything – they’re giving it away for free, assuming that you pay for shipping!

As you can notice in the above image (or by going to their site), they claim to have a 24-hour sale going on. Now, we don’t know about you, but this made us a little suspicious.
We recently saw another site that claimed to have a 24-hour sale, and that ended up being a scam. You can check out our review of that site, CatsNKitties.com, here. We would recommend that you take a look at it, since it has a lot of similarities with the On Noble Sports Store site.

What’s Being Sold?

Again, nothing is really being sold. Everything is for free, or so they claim. You just need to pay for shipping.

Everything For Free?As you can see from the screenshot above, the site is running a sale of Basketball Jerseys – all for free. While most of them are usually over $100, On Noble Store has somehow been able to knock that price down to $0.00.

We took the liberty of pretending to order something, to see just how much shipping would cost. Many times, new sites will have a legit sale like the one being promoted on the On Noble Sports Store site, and just add a large shipping fee to sort of outweigh the cost.

Our shipping only came to a little over $14 dollars for the extra large Raptor Jersey we decided to add.

$14.97 dollars for shipping?For a $100 dollar product, that shipping fee wouldn’t really cover any of the cost they would need if they actually sold the shirt, and had free shipping (or something similar). Which means that this site doesn’t look as authentic as it might appear.

The Site Isn’t Even That Old…

We decided to see just how old this site was, and found that it’s actually only around one day old.

Site Was Registered On April 21st, 2019Whenever a new site is registered, the date that it is registered is stored in public places for people to look up. As you can see above, On Noble Sports Store was registered (and thus created) yesterday (as of writing this). That probably means that their 24-hour sale is going to end soon.

Or is it?

We don’t know when you, the reader, will be reading this. But more than likely it will be sometime after April 22nd, 2019, the day this article was written. If that is true, and On Noble Sports Store’s 24-hour sale is still going, then it probably means that they were lying about it being 24-hours.

On top of that, we found that On Noble Sports Store isn’t the only site that is giving away free jerseys:

Another exact site, OnNobleSports.comIf you note the screenshot above, it’s from a website called OnNobleSports.com (not OnNobleSportsStore.com, the site we are currently looking at). This second site also has the same exact website, with even the same promotional 24-hour sale, as OnNobleSportsStore.com!
And this is where things get interesting.

When you register a website, you have to go through some site to do it. Both these two sites went through a company called Tucows Domains Inc. Now, if you remember, we told you to read our review of another site, called CatsNKitties.com.
It just so happens that Cats N Kitties was registered through the same exact website:Cats N Kitties Whois Information

There are dozens of sites that you can register a website through, and these three sites, all of which have similar elements between them, are registered through the same company? That makes On Noble Store Sports look even less legit.

The Similarities with Cats N Kitties

There are other similarities between On Noble Sports Store and Cats N Kitties. Cats N Kitties was actively promoted through Facebook ads. On Noble Sports Store, according to the person we received it from, said they found it through Facebook Ads.

Also, Cats N Kitties was using an email address from Protonmail.com, which is a free email service provider. Now, there are hundreds of free email service providers that someone can use to create a free email address. But, as you probably have guessed, On Noble Sports Store is also using a Protonmail email address:Email Address To ContactThose similarities between a website we found to be a scam, and this new site shouldn’t be taken lightly. They make On Noble Sports Store a site that looks even less authentic than what we had previously thought.

Terms And Conditions Section

180 days for delivery?Reading a site’s Terms and Conditions can reveal a lot to you, especially if you keep your eyes open for those things that don’t sound quite right.

As you can see from the screenshot above, as we were having fun reading On Noble Sports Store’s Terms and Conditions, we came across this clause that said to ‘allow up to 180 days for delivery.’ (?!) We have to wait for half a year for them to deliver it?

Are they hand-threading all the jerseys, which is why it may take a long time to come to us? Or are they expecting a lot of delays? 180 days to deliver a product is something that we have never heard of.

We have no idea why this clause is in their Terms and Conditions, but we do have a rather educated guess, if we assume this site is a scam.

Most banks and credit card companies can’t help dispute a purchase and get a refund after a number of days. And that number of days is usually around 180 days.

Is On Noble Sports Store putting this in to make sure that you can’t dispute an order you purchased? We don’t know, but it definitely doesn’t look good for the business if they take up to half a year for products to get delivered to people.

Is On Noble Sports Store A Scam?

Because the site is only a day old, and because we couldn’t find any reviews about it else where online, we can’t really confirm that this site is a scam. But, because of the similarities with Cats N Kitties, and because of how young the site is, we definitely wouldn’t recommend that you order from it just quite yet.

The site has a lot of scam warnings on it, as well as being the exactly identical with another site that has been online for only 8 days. Its running a 24-hour free sale (which is probably still going to be up after 24-hours), and offering products far too cheap than what their worth.

Additionally, we never really talked about what On Noble Sports Store doesn’t have. They don’t seem to have a Privacy Policy, nor any About Us page. And while they do list an email address in their Terms and Conditions, there isn’t any clear Contact Us page to get in touch with them if things go wrong.

Because of all these things, if we had to make a choice of whether to order from them, then we personally wouldn’t. They just aren’t legit enough to be authentic. Or at least, they aren’t legit enough yet.

Now, you may be reading this about a week or a month after we published this article, and you may have been scammed (if we assume it was a scam). What should the next steps be to help yourself and others?

  1. Leave a comment below explaining what happened. This will help others who read this review to know that this is a scam, and to not trust it.
  2. Go onto Facebook, find the ad (provided it’s still around), and report it/leave a review of it. This will help Facebook stop letting scammers promote through Facebook ads.
  3. Contact your Credit Card issuer, explain the situation, and see if they can help you get your money back.

Don’t Get Scammed Again!

We know what it’s like getting scammed – we’ve gotten scammed plenty of times. But because of this, we were able to find similarities between many scam websites.

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Follow the link below and get our course for 50% off of it’s original price. It’s our way of trying to help out those who have been scammed before, and/or those who don’t have a lot of money to spend!

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Thanks to Pavel for spotting this for us, and asking us about it. If you have any thoughts about OnNobleSportsStore.com, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

69 thoughts on “OnNobleSportsStore.com Review: Is On Noble Sports A Scam? Or Are Their Products Really Free?”

      • Ordered from them. I feel scammed but i did get a confirmation email from them. I think most people do but spam filters get it. Mine was in the spam folder.

        • Sounds good Clayt. Keep us updated. Speaking of emails, we actually use ProtonMail, and when we received an email from OnNobleSportsStore, ProtonMail said that it seemed like it was spoofed, since it didn’t come from their server. But I guess time will tell what happens.


      • I ordered 5 jerseys from it last night and was really surprised to see that the $14 shipping charge was per order, not item. This is common for scam sites. I too, never received a confirmation email as I was promised at the end of the sale. I am pissed I have been looking everywhere for a cheap throwback curry jersey for months lol.

  1. Thanks for the tips and great review. Even if this aint NO proof YET. After reading above i decided not to order because of three things. People are greedy and also i like stuff for almost FREE. But these offers looking almost too good to be true(1), the mentioned 180 days delivery term(2) and after 24hours the sale is still going on(3). Still great jerseys,snapbacks and shorts on the site,whould feel sad if i miss these free stuuf but also if i was scammed:)

  2. Just saw this advertised as a 24hr sale on 23rd April 2019, which from your article above would suggest that the 24hr sale has last a bit longer

  3. I use a pre paid card it’s worth a shot to see if it’s loss will be $15 & they can’t anything off my real debit card

  4. I ordered from them and got a confirmation email in my junk folder. I have gotten no other responses even though I have emailed them directly on shipping updates. Are there any precautions I can take to protect my debit card in case this is, in fact, a scam?

    • The best precaution I can think of is contacting the Debit Card issuer and asking them what they can do, as they can give a much better answer than me. Beyond that, there isn’t much you can do after you’ve given someone your Debit Card information (assuming they actually have it, since I can’t be certain).


  5. Didn’t order after reading this, but interesting to note that apparently shipping to the UK is still just $14.99. Soooo…..

  6. They dont have any options to contact them. Usually when you buy online, you can track them right? But on their website theres nothing you can do to contact them or track your order. They also didnt have any confirmation message in your email. I also noticed what you said when you tried to buy 1 jersey and the cost of shipping is 14.97. I tried to buy at least 5 jerseys and the shipping only cost 14.97 too. Im not really sure if thats true.

    • Usually when you purchase something, yes, you should be able to track it. More than likely the reason that they don’t have anything is because it’s a scam, given the comments we’ve received on this site.

  7. Just ordered over $1000 worth of product and shipping fee still remained at $14.99. To good to be true I say. Next step was to enter Card details which I didnt proceed to do. They definately after our card info. Scammers.

    • Thanks for the info! Yeah, I knew I had forgotten to do something – ha ha. Sometimes they’ll tack on an additional shipping fee per item, but it looks like these guys are just after some quick money and/or quick credit card info.


  8. Guys, so if I order with a credit card they can clone it? I check this website only now, damn it. Please answer me

    • I don’t know Luigi. I’m not sure how the credit cards are being processed. I would personally assume the worst – if you input any info on their site then they have it. I don’t know that for a fact, but it’s always the best to assume the worst.

  9. Thanks for the review guys! I always do a review of a website before I order something from that site. You guys helped me out a lot! My friend ordered a jersey this morning without the review and I guess didnt read the 180 days part. Thanks for the heads up Andy!

  10. I give them my credit card data. I’m very worried about that and i fear they could steal money from the bank account.
    What should i do?

  11. i have ordered jersey to and they told me that i will reserve tracking code but i didn’t reserve nothing and there’s nothing to contact with them we have to put end to those scammers ?

  12. I order from onnoblesportsstore 2 weeks ago.. and i used debit visa. I didn’t get any confirmation or any anything.. is this a scam?? Should i call my bank and change my card number and account number??

    • You ordered two weeks ago? from onnoblesportsstore? The site has only been up for 5 days now… Not sure how you were able to order from it before it was even up.

      If you mean one of the other look-alike stores (which would make a little more sense), then I personally would recommend that you check with your bank and change something, since it seems highly likely that this is a scam.

  13. I placed two separate orders, am now just realizing how dumb I was….I ordered 55-60 total items thinking I was getting a steal, but pretty sure these guys are just after credit card numbers. Will be attempting to dispute the charges on my card tomorrow.

  14. Hate when i see this…had quite few tasty beverages on the weekend and seen the sale. Checked it out and thought bugger it I’ll do it??‍♂️
    Only just remembered today when I seen a jersey for sale on EBay then thought to myself, I ordered jerseys early Sunday morning. Better tell the missus I used our Credit Card! Not that there’s ever that much on there anyway ??. I feel like a real twat now..the best part about this though is that the beers were good, especially when they were free anyway??

  15. Thanks for great review guys! U just saved my credit card detais.. cause i was about to order loads of Jerseys!

  16. GUYS it’s a SCAM!! it’s the Mai. The3th2019 and still 24hr sale! I ordered something and called my credit card provider. To give me an new card etc. What’s fishi about it the 14.99 goes to a company called ‘ Biknigalore Sterling’ they sell bikinis!! And no jerseys or something like that!!!. I RECOMENT DON’T BUY FROM THIS SITE!!!!..
    And thanks a lot for this blog!!!

  17. I feel like an idiot but the idea to get a Steve Nash´s jersey for just 13 dollars thrilled me too much so I did it. 🙁 How can I prevent them to use my cc now? should I do a chargeback or something?

    • I personally would recommend going to your CC issuer and asking those questions. It probably is best to cancel your CC and get another one, assuming the comments are true that they have cloned other people’s cc cards.

  18. Wow read your article a day late and every comment read here I felt it how can I fall for something that predictable.now my biggest fear is the copying of credit card information.my question is what do I do now?

    • Best thing to do is contact your Credit Card Issuer, Gil. Explain the situation to them, and see what advice they have. While it is a pain, it might not be a bad idea to get a new card, since I don’t know if they are copying cards or not (they probably are).

      Best of luck to you!

  19. These pple are scams I inbox them. About my order just to get a tracking number. No one inbox me back as soon as. I sent them another inbox saying I’m reporting them. As scam they blocked me. Crazy thing is I have two fb pages n they don’t know. Who they dealing with

  20. Yes we can say it’s a scam when can’t track our order and when the email comes you reply on it it will say its unavailable guys not only nba there is another site named globalsoccerworld. Com they did with me like this now i messaged my debit card issuer and hope they get me refund

    • If your Credit Card issuer won’t dispute this problem, then they have indeed stolen your money, and you won’t be able to get it back. But, check with your CC issuer before you make that claim. They may be able to help you.


        • It’s possible – if they got your credit card info, they could be selling that. I don’t honestly know though. Also, please just leave one comment – when we have time to look at the comment, we will. giving 5 won’t make you get your comment approved any faster.

  21. I was lucky enough that my card was declined during payment, since it wasn’t valid for international purchases. I had kept the checkout page of my order saved on chrome planning to pay with some other card later. 2 weeks later I see that the website doesn’t exist. I search for it on Google and come across this article, surprised to realize I was seconds away from getting scammed.

  22. I had ordered on April 23rd. I thought that they just had to clear all of their inventory (hey it happens) out of their warehouse, that is why they were getting rid of their jerseys for free. I live in Japan, and thought the cost of shipping to Japan was 14.97. I didn’t bother to check their terms of service, but I wasn’t expecting any merchandise soon, since I live in Japan. I ordered the Brooklyn Net’s City Edition jersey, hoping to rock it in Tokyo. It has been three weeks, and still haven’t received anything. I searched my credit card purchases, and found the name Luxe Gallore and a zip code for Michigan. Those search results didn’t produce many hits, until I typed in facebook, scam, basketball jerseys in Google. It lead me to this page. I checked the domain names of Onnoblesports.com and they don’t exist now. I am hoping that they don’t clone my card or anything outrageous now. If they stole 15 dollars, so be it. Hopefully that is all they will get from me, however I just submitted that purchase for a refund. I should have known it was too good to be true.

  23. I was also a Victim for this scam. I purchase also on this site. No reply to my email address for almost a month From now. Hope that you could Help me back to my credit Card issuer the One was get to me From this website.

  24. i ordered about a month ago received email in spam folder but emailed them back for 7 days straight and got no response

  25. Bom dia amigo.
    A cerca de 2 meses, efetuei a compra de 4 camisetas, porém não recebi email algum, confirmando a compra nem numero algum para rastrear os produtos.
    O valor foi debitado de meu cartão.
    Gostaria de saber se realmente vou receber??


    • Hey Rodrigo,

      With this site being a scam website, it’s unlikely that you’re going to get your shirts. Best to see if you can open a dispute about the product through your bank.

      Best of luck,


    • If you read the article, you’ll see that it’s explained why this site is a scam. You’re not going to get what you paid for, and it’s highly doubtful that you’re going to hear from them.

  26. it is a scam.. i didnt receive my order until now.. my order was on april 22, until now july 1.. no update.. i cant find in their website how to follow up..

  27. Hello,

    Just to let you know, the registrar (Tucows) is actually used by Shopify, so that doesn’t mean any website using it is a scam or from the same owner (but in this case it is definitely a scam). That just means people buying domain names through Shopify will have Tucows written in the WHOIS

    • Hey Doudou,

      Thanks for that information. That makes sense the more that we think about it – we’ve seen a lot of shopify scams, and sites that were registered through Tucows.

      In any case, thanks once again for the information!


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