Review: Are The 80% Discounts A Scam (Yup…)?

Have you seen the news? is proclaiming that they have up to 80% off discounts for their products. That would be a great place to shop at, right? Nothing could go wrong purchasing from their store, could it?

Well, actually it could, and in this article it will be our attempt to help show you why we believe is a scam, and not a site that is legitimate. Hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll have just a few more ideas on how to figure out if a site is really worth it, and if it’s one that you should trust.’s Bold Claims's Main PageWhen going to, three things jump out at us immediately, and make us do some double-checking before we continue on this site.

The first thing is their lack of encryption. If you look at their URL, you’ll notice that there isn’t any SSL attached to their site. While this is a minor issue, it just means that when you search on their site, your traffic isn’t encrypted. This makes it easier to have hackers look at what you’re doing/where you are going.

Now, that doesn’t mean that hackers are going to do this – there is a lot that would have to go on before hackers see your traffic. Packet sniffing, router hacks, even a possible reverse shell on your system. But, we’re not talking about hackers and hacking, are we?
Having a lack of SSL on a website is becoming increasingly frowned upon. But that isn’t the worst part of what we saw.

The second thing we noticed was their use of a logo that said “The North Face”. Because we are ignorant country kids, who don’t really know brands of clothes or products, we had to look them up. And interestingly enough, there is a site, called The North Face, that has that same exact logo!

What does this mean?

It means that is trying to pretend to be The North Face. It’s called impersonation in some people’s book. And that’s something that is currently illegal to do.
On top of that, using other people’s copyright logos, materials, and even images can cause fines, loss of digital property, and hefty lawsuits. So, taking part of a site that is doing things not currently legal is something that we would recommend you steer clear from.

But the third, and final thing we noticed was that they claimed to have up to 80% discounts on their site.

Those Supposed DiscountsIf you are observant, you’ll notice that states that they have ‘Rare Discounts’. But they never go on to explain why they have rare discounts.
Scammers will go to great lengths to try to get you to purchase from their store. And honestly, they’re becoming increasingly better and better at what they do.
One of the methods is offering products with discounts, because who doesn’t want to get a product for a cheaper price? Unfortunately, when you do order, you’ll either receive something completely different, or nothing at all.

Looking on the official The North Face website, you’ll find that there are no large discounts going on. So, you should be really hesitant to use
Additionally, as we mentioned before, doesn’t explain why they are having these ‘rare discounts’. If they were to explain in greater detail, then maybe we could believe them.

Let’s put it into this perspective. If someone came to your house, and told you if you bought from them, you could get up to 80% discounts on a certain popular brand, would you believe him? If they only said that (and nothing more), you probably wouldn’t.
And so it should be when we go onto the internet. If we come to a new site, and they don’t give us a reason why they’re doing what they are doing, then we probably shouldn’t trust them.

An Email That Reveals An Email

As we continued looking around the site, we came to find that wanted us to create an account with them, so that we could have faster checkout times, add things to our cart, etc. Because we love giving sites our (fake) information, we decided to jump right in and create an account.

After we did so, a page popped up on that told use we should check our email, as a confirmation email had just been sent. And we did just that:

Email That We ReceivedWhat’s interesting is not that they try to pretend that they are The North Face, but that they tell us to email a certain email address if we need help with anything.

Email addresses can have a history of good or bad with them, especially if people have documented what they’ve seen, and what’s connected with what.

We took the liberty of checking out their email address and came to find some interesting things. The owners of have been scamming people for a while now:

Fraudulent ConnectionsSo there really shouldn’t be any doubt within anyone’s mind that is really, and truly, a scam website. Is A Scam!

We could just end the article here, and say that it really is indeed a scam. But, there is also even more incriminating evidence that this site is a scam. And that is we’ve actually written about this (in a round about way) before.

Feel free to check out our article of You’ll notice the rather identical copy of each other, as well as being found to be a fraudulent company by another website as well!

All in all, is a site that we personally wouldn’t recommend using, nor would we trust it. If you are looking for The North Face products, then shop at the real store website, and purchase your orders from there.

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Special thanks to Sara for pointing this website out to us. If you are interested in having us take a look at a website you think is a scam, feel free to use our contact form to get in touch with us. Additionally, make sure to check out our list of scam websites, as well as our Make-Money-Online website list!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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