Who Is support@ru-quety.com? (Discover The Truth Behind This Email Address)

Who is support@ru-quety.com? In today’s digital age, countless email addresses circulate the web.

Among them, support@ru-quety.com stands out — not for its credibility but as a beacon for online scams.

Craftily used by online scammers, this email address has left many unsuspecting shoppers perplexed.

In this article, we’ll delve into the intricate web surrounding this email, exposing its connections to dubious websites and deceptive tactics.

What Is The Modus Operandi of Sites Linked to support@ru-quety.com?

The online world often hides many secrets. Among them are sites linked to support@ru-quety.com, operating with a finesse that often goes unnoticed. 

Let’s shed light on their tactics.

New Domains

A screenshot of the domain information of uliaeats.com in whois.com

In the vast realm of the internet, new domains sprout daily. But fresh doesn’t always equate to genuine. 

Take for example uliaeats.com, a scam site associated with the email “support@ru-quety.com”. 

Its digital birth certificate dates back to August 31, 2023, making it a relative infant in the world of websites. 

Now, while the allure of something new can be enticing, it’s essential to tread with caution. 

New domains, especially those with questionable affiliations, can be breeding grounds for scams. 

Scammers often set up these sites, lure unsuspecting visitors with irresistible offers, and then vanish, leaving a trail of disappointed and often out-of-pocket users.

Fake Clearance Stores

A screenshot of the home page of uliaeats.com

Everyone loves a good bargain, and clearance sales are the epitome of shopping nirvana. 

Many sites linked to “support@ru-quety.com” wear the clearance store badge with pride, and uliaeats.com is one such site. 

But after digging a little deeper, I found others echoing the same sentiment, with some even name-dropping renowned brands like “Bed Bath & Beyond”. 

But here’s the catch: are these genuine clearance sales or just a clever ruse to lure in the unsuspecting shopper? 

The repetitive clearance narrative, especially among sites with a shared email association, raises more questions than it answers.

Operates Under The Shady Company Novva Limited

A screenshot of the contact us page of uliaeats.com that shows they are under the company NOVVA LIMITED

Another commonality with sites linked to support@ru-quety.com is that they operate under the umbrella of the scam company NOVVA LIMITED.

This isn’t a mere coincidence. 

A list of scam sites that are under the company Novva Limited

NOVVA LIMITED has become synonymous with a vast array of websites that raise eyebrows. 

Here is the list of scam sites that operate under the company NOVVA LIMITED:

  • inventorypromotion.com- customerservices@inventorypromotion.com
  • swapplaceca.com- customerservices@swapplaceca.com
  • uliaeats.com– support@uliaeats.com
  • reachpageca.com– customerservices@reachpageca.com
  • inventoryretailer.com- customerservices@inventoryretailer.com
  • yiseten.com- support@yiseten.com
  • blocksupercc.com- customerservices@blocksupercc.com
  • alwaysbigca.com- customerservices@alwaysbigca.com
  • modnear.com- customerservices@modnear.com
  • bewoix.com- bewoix@gmail.com
  • hasaletoy.com- support@hasaletoy.com
  • coarswe.com- support@coarswe.com
  • productlistus.com- support@productlistus.com
  • ceurwa.com- support@ceurwa.com
  • zeyiuor.com- support@zeyiuor.com
  • universitycask.com- customerservices@universitycask.com
  • bersect.com- support@bersect.com
  • sonatarice.com- customerservices@sonatarice.com

It’s not just the sheer number of sites but the nature of their activities that prompt much deeper scrutiny. 

Support@ru-quety.com’s affiliation with NOVVA LIMITED is a signpost, indicating a potential web of interconnected deceptive practices.

High-Risk Payment Options

A screenshot of the checkout page of uliaeats.com that shows they are only allowing credic cards as mode of payment

Lastly, most of these sites related to support@ru-quety.com utilize high-risk payment options only. 

The digital age has brought forth a plethora of secure payment methods, from PayPal to Apple Pay. Yet, these sites restrict their users to credit card payments. 

This not only limits user flexibility but also raises significant concerns about transactional security. 

In an era where online security is paramount, the absence of modern, secure payment methods on these sites is a glaring red flag.

Fraudulent Sites Associated with support@ru-quety.com

A screenshot of list fraudulent sites that use the email address support@ru-quety.com

In the vast expanse of the internet, certain websites stand out, not for their credibility, but for their questionable affiliations. 

A recurring connection among these sites is the email address support@ru-quety.com.

ScamWatcher shows that there are multiple claims of fraudulent websites associated with this email.

This association isn’t just a random occurrence, it’s a pattern that’s hard to ignore. Here is the list of scam sites that are related to support@ru-quety.com:

  • uliaeats.com
  • pineity.com – Contact: +13374282333
  • ru-quety.com
  • books-clearance.com
  • outletsariat.com
  • partnersale.com
  • racetrackes.com
  • huddho.com
  • verioers.com

Additionally, certain Facebook pages have also been linked to this email:

  • Chriziane
  • Bath & Beyond – Contact: +1 360-944-0300

It’s intriguing how an email can be the common thread weaving through diverse platforms, from websites to social media.

Alternate email addresses That scam sites related to support@ru-quety.com use

A screenshot of the contact us page of uliaeats.com that shows they are using the email address support@uliaeats.com

While support@ru-quety.com is the primary focus, it’s not the only email address that’s caught attention. 

Several other email addresses have surfaced, all pointing towards a similar direction of dubious online activities.

It’s like peeling an onion; with every layer, there’s more to uncover, revealing a complex network of interconnected scams.

Fake Address That is connected to support@ru-quety.com

A screenshot of the facebook page of bath & beyond

Digging deeper into the web spun by support@ru-quety.com, a particular address emerges repeatedly: 16701 Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98684

A screenshot of the result after I search the address linked to support@ru-quety.com in Google Maps

On the surface, it might seem like any other address. However, a closer look reveals that this address leads straight to a highway. 

It’s not just an address, it’s a breadcrumb in this intricate web of deception.

In the digital age, every piece of information, from an email to an address, tells a story. It’s up to us to connect the dots and see the bigger picture.

The Final verdict

So, who is support@ru-quety.com? It’s an email address intricately tied to the shell company NOVVA LIMITED, a name that has become synonymous with deceiving unsuspecting consumers. 

As we navigate the digital realm, it’s essential to remain vigilant, ensuring we don’t become just another statistic in their web of deceit.

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