Who Is Novva Limited? (Learn What’s Real Behind This Shadowy Company!)

Who is Novva Limited? Novva Limited is a shell company behind many deceptive online sites. 

As a hidden player in the digital market, Novva Limited raises concerns for online shoppers, making them question where they shop. 

But what’s the real story behind this shadowy entity?

How Scam Sites Under Novva Limited Work?

Novva Limited operates with a veil of mystery in the digital marketplace.

As we delve deeper, we’ll uncover its deceptive tactics and see how it ensnares unsuspecting shoppers.

Freshly Minted Domains

A screenshot of the domain information of blocksupercc.com in whois.com

One of the most telling signs of a potential scam is the age of the domain. 

Novva Limited frequently employs this tactic, launching sites with domains that have been recently registered. 

A prime example is the scam site blocksupercc.com. Registered on September 1, 2023, its newness raises eyebrows. 

New domains, especially those linked to e-commerce, should be approached with caution. 

They lack the history and customer feedback that older, established sites possess. 

While not all new domains are dubious, when associated with a company like Novva Limited, it’s a red flag that online shoppers should not ignore.

Carbon Copy Layouts

A screenshot of the home page of iufedsa.com
A screenshot of the home page of primitut.com

A glance at scam sites like iufedsa.com and primitut.com reveals striking similarities.

From their design layouts to the products they showcase, their resemblance is uncanny. 

This cookie-cutter approach is a hallmark of many scam networks including Novva Limited. 

By using the same template across multiple sites, these entities can quickly launch new scams, saving time and resources. 

It’s a tactic that not only misleads consumers but also allows them to operate multiple sites simultaneously, increasing their chances of deceiving more people.

Product Image Theft

A screenshot of the product page of startswimca.com

In the vast digital marketplace, the authenticity of product images plays a crucial role in establishing trust. 

However, Novva Limited, in its quest to deceive, often resorts to pilfering product images from genuine online stores. 

A glaring example of this tactic is evident on the scam site startswimca.com

A screenshot of the exact same product but from luminaline.com

The product image for the “Led Motion Sensor Cabinet Light” is not an original representation. Instead, it’s a blatant theft from Luminaline.com, a legitimate online store. 

Such actions not only mislead potential buyers but also tarnish the reputation of genuine businesses. 

By using stolen imagery, Novva Limited aims to lend an air of legitimacy to its dubious sites, making them appear more credible to the untrained eye. 

But for the discerning shopper, these borrowed images serve as red flags, signaling the deceptive nature of the site. 

It’s a tactic designed to capitalize on the hard work and creativity of genuine businesses, redirecting their potential customers and profits toward Novva Limited’s coffers.

The Recurring Email Pattern

A screenshot of the list of sites that are associated to the email address support@mqnetworktechnology.zendesk.com

One consistent thread weaving through the fabric of Novva Limited’s operations is the recurring use of a specific fraudulent email address support@mqnetworktechnology.zendesk.com

This email, alarmingly, is not restricted to a single site or operation. It’s linked to a vast array of scam sites and deceptive social media endeavors including.

  • globelsettling.com
  • bakerystaff.com
  • foldstate.com 
  • treetriangle.com
  • muchniceca.com
  • frontierdaca.com
  • allmostpass.com
  • deckmaskca.com
  • xps.customercare-vip.com
  • prizepotca.com
  • henpackca.com
  • crabmin.com
  • strataet.com

Scammy Content

A screenshot of the home page of startswimca.com

Content is king in the digital realm. However, Novva Limited seems to have taken a shortcut, echoing content across its myriad of sites. 

A screenshot of the article of fakewebsitebuster.com about the Uniqueness scam network

This replicated content is eerily similar to descriptions found on fakewebsitebuster.com, detailing the modus operandi of the notorious Uniqueness Scam Network. 

This network, infamous for its deceptive shell companies, leaves a trail of disgruntled customers in its wake. 

A screenshot of the list of fraudulent sites that are under the Uniqueness scam network

Here is the list of scam sites that are operating under the Uniqueness scam network

  • woodenn.shop- service@controllingi.com
  • wonderlandsale.com- admin@kobaltstore.com
  • localfiv.com- service@vipcs24h.com
  • brandymelvillee.com- brandymelvillee@gmail.com
  • hightline.com- anniey3dma@outlook.com
  • hanglet.com- hanglet@erykh.com
  • maggerr.com- maggerr@gmail.com
  • kaulous.com- kaulous@ckkxr.com
  • sofapromotion.us- supports@servestores.com
  • gentlyform.com- customerservices@gentlyform.com
  • bigsaleonu.com- support@tableuous.com
  • lambent.shop- service@myopic.shop
  • cameronxyy.com- cameronxyy@gmail.com
  • hietery.shop- service@hietery.shop
  • waseemin.com- sothbreecom@hotmail.com
  • fairy-owl.com- service@vendafacilbr.com
  • shopyys-bm.com- service-aftersales@outlook.com

The echoed content serves multiple purposes: it’s cost-effective, ensures a consistent message, and, most importantly, lures in victims with its familiar prose. 

However, for those aware of the Uniqueness Scam Network and its tactics, this repeated content serves as a clear warning sign, signaling the site’s intent to deceive and scam.

Unrealistic Discounts

A screenshot of the discounts on the home page of garbpower.com

Everyone loves a good discount, but when the deal seems too good to be true, it often is. 

Take, for instance, the woman’s sweatshirt on the scam site garbpower.com. Originally priced at $133.30, it’s now available for just $33.99. 

Such steep discounts, especially on sites associated with Novva Limited, should be approached with skepticism. 

While discounts are a legitimate marketing tactic, the ones offered by these sites are often bait to lure in unsuspecting shoppers.

Fraudulent Sites That Are Operating under Novva Limited

A screenshot of list of fraudulent sites under Novva limited

In the vast expanse of the digital world, certain names stand out, not for their credibility, but for the shadows they cast. 

Novva Limited is one such entity, with a web of associated sites that raise eyebrows. 

These websites, while diverse in appearance, share a common thread – their association with Novva Limited. 

Each site, with its unique domain and contact email, adds to the intricate tapestry woven by this elusive company. 

Whether it’s a trendy online store or a seemingly innocuous platform, the connection to Novva Limited adds a layer of intrigue and suspicion.

List of associated sites together with their email addresses:

  • ceurwa.com- support@ceurwa.com
  • zeyiuor.com- support@zeyiuor.com
  • universitycask.com- customerservices@universitycask.com
  • bersect.com- support@bersect.com
  • sonatarice.com- customerservices@sonatarice.com
  • inventoryretailer.com- customerservices@inventoryretailer.com
  • yiseten.com- support@yiseten.com
  • blocksupercc.com- customerservices@blocksupercc.com
  • alwaysbigca.com- customerservices@alwaysbigca.com
  • modnear.com- customerservices@modnear.com
  • bewoix.com- bewoix@gmail.com
  • hasaletoy.com- support@hasaletoy.com
  • coarswe.com- support@coarswe.com
  • productlistus.com- support@productlistus.com
  • inventorypromotion.com- customerservices@inventorypromotion.com
  • swapplaceca.com- customerservices@swapplaceca.com
  • uliaeats.com– support@uliaeats.com
  • reachpageca.com– customerservices@reachpageca.com
  • and the email address noreply@shopneo.shop

The vast network of Novva Limited’s associated sites paints a clear picture of its expansive reach. 

It’s a testament to the intricate web of connections that silently influence the online marketplace.

The Conclusion

So, who is Novva Limited? It’s a shadowy entity linked to the dubious email address support@mqnetworktechnology.zendesk.com and operates as a shell company for the notorious “Uniqueness Scam Network.” 

This network is designed to deceive and scam consumers, leaving them with empty pockets and broken trust. 

As you navigate the online world, always arm yourself with knowledge to tread cautiously, and to ensure that you don’t fall prey to such shadowy entity.

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    When I reported another similar, their response was “It does not break ourad transparency guidelines.”


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