Who Is Zhuoda Co. Ltd? (Discover The Truth About This Shady Entity!)

Who is Zhuoda Co. Ltd? Zhuoda Co. Ltd, often recognized by its alternate name Zhuoda International E-Commerce Limited, stands out as a company with a notorious reputation for spearheading numerous scam websites. 

Delving deeper into its operations, I uncover a meticulously crafted web of deception that has, over time, trapped countless unsuspecting online shoppers. 

With each transaction, this entity further cements its position as a formidable player in the shadowy world of online scams.

How Scam Sites Under Zhuoda Co. Ltd Operates?

Diving into the operations of Zhuoda Co. Ltd unveils a pattern of deceit and manipulation that’s hard to ignore.

Newly Registered Domains

A screenshot of the domain information of lalamise.com in whois.com

While new domains often bring the promise of fresh content and innovative ideas, this isn’t always the case. 

Take lalamise.com, for instance. This scam site, associated with Zhuoda Co. Ltd, had its domain registered on January 4, 2023. 

Such a fresh registration might seem harmless, but it’s a tactic frequently employed by scam sites. 

They pop up, deceive, and then vanish, only to reappear under a new guise.

Copy-Paste Deception

A screenshot of the about us page of molilulu.com

Many sites affiliated with Zhuoda Co. LTD mirror content eerily similar to descriptions found on fakewebsitebuster.com

A screenshot of the article of fakewebsitebuster.com about the Uniqueness scam network

This platform exposes the Uniqueness Scam Network, a notorious group known for operating shell companies that scam unsuspecting customers. 

A screenshot of list of scam sites under the Uniqueness scam network

Some of their deceptive sites include:

  • gentlyform.com- customerservices@gentlyform.com
  • bigsaleonu.com- support@tableuous.com
  • lambent.shop- service@myopic.shop
  • cameronxyy.com- cameronxyy@gmail.com
  • hietery.shop- service@hietery.shop
  • waseemin.com- sothbreecom@hotmail.com
  • fairy-owl.com- service@vendafacilbr.com
  • shopyys-bm.com- service-aftersales@outlook.com
  • woodenn.shop- service@controllingi.com
  • wonderlandsale.com- admin@kobaltstore.com
  • localfiv.com- service@vipcs24h.com
  • brandymelvillee.com- brandymelvillee@gmail.com
  • hightline.com- anniey3dma@outlook.com
  • hanglet.com- hanglet@erykh.com
  • maggerr.com- maggerr@gmail.com
  • kaulous.com- kaulous@ckkxr.com
  • sofapromotion.us- supports@servestores.com

These sites not only deceive with their content but also with their very essence, making it imperative for online shoppers to tread cautiously.

Stolen Imagery

A screenshot of the product image of lalamise.com that shows an orange sweater

One of the most insidious tactics employed by sites linked to Zhuoda Co. LTD is the use of stolen product images. 

A screenshot of the same orange sweater but from bellelement.com

These images, often lifted from legitimate online stores, are used to create a facade of authenticity. 

By showcasing products that seem familiar and genuine, these sites lure in unsuspecting customers, only to deliver subpar products or, in some cases, nothing at all. 

It’s a bait-and-switch tactic that has left countless shoppers disappointed and out of pocket.

Dubious Websites Operating Under Zhuoda Co. LTD

A screenshot of the list of scam sites that are under the company Zhuoda Co. Ltd

The reach of Zhuoda Co. LTD is vast, with a plethora of sites operating under its deceptive banner. 

These sites, though varied in appearance, share a sinister goal: to deceive and exploit. Some of these include:

  • molilulu.com- service@molilulu.com
  • lalamise.com- serive@lalamise.com
  • samofri.com
  • ruralrootsboutique.com
  • ilovemanicures.net
  • importmajestics.com
  • interlockknit.com
  • lizardpiemonte.net
  • rovepholstery.com
  • houseofbeadsonline.com
  • icarsoregon.com
  • interiordesigneurope.com

While the digital realm offers convenience, it’s also rife with pitfalls.

It’s essential to be vigilant and informed, ensuring that the sites we engage with are genuine and trustworthy.

The Conclusion

So, who exactly is Zhuoda Co. Ltd? At its core, Zhuoda Co. Ltd is a shell company operating under the notorious “Uniqueness Scam Network.” 

Their primary aim? To deceive and scam consumers. 

As you navigate the vast digital marketplace, arm yourself with knowledge, remain skeptical, and prioritize safety. 

After all, in the online world, it’s not just about finding the best deals but ensuring those deals are genuine.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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