Who Is Sayhi International Co., Limited? (Beware Of This Dubious Company!)

Who Is Sayhi International Co., Limited

Who is Sayhi International Co., Limited? Sayhi International Co., Limited is a shell company known to operate countless fraudulent sites, preying on unsuspecting online shoppers.  With the rise of e-commerce, it’s become increasingly important to recognize and avoid such deceptive entities.  This article dives deep into the operations of Sayhi International Co., Limited, exposing its … Read more

Who Is Novva Limited? (Learn What’s Real Behind This Shadowy Company!)

Who Is Novva Limited

Who is Novva Limited? Novva Limited is a shell company behind many deceptive online sites.  As a hidden player in the digital market, Novva Limited raises concerns for online shoppers, making them question where they shop.  But what’s the real story behind this shadowy entity? How Scam Sites Under Novva Limited Work? Novva Limited operates … Read more

Who Is Zhuoda Co. Ltd? (Discover The Truth About This Shady Entity!)

Who Is Zhuoda Co. Ltd

Who is Zhuoda Co. Ltd? Zhuoda Co. Ltd, often recognized by its alternate name Zhuoda International E-Commerce Limited, stands out as a company with a notorious reputation for spearheading numerous scam websites.  Delving deeper into its operations, I uncover a meticulously crafted web of deception that has, over time, trapped countless unsuspecting online shoppers.  With … Read more

(Un)Official List Of Scam Shell Networks And Companies – Leave The Site If You Ever See These Companies!

(Un)Official List of Scam Shell Companies and Networks

Over time we’ve compiled a list of scam shell networks and companies that seem to be connected to scam websites. Please let us know if we missed any by leaving it in the comments section below along with why you believe/know it’s a scam. NOTE: If you came here searching for a specific network or … Read more

Who Is Jouj Trade Limited? (The Truth Behind The Digital Facade!)

Who Is Jouj Trade Limited

Who is Jouj Trade Limited?” Jouj Trade Limited is a shell company of a notorious scam network rooted in China, masterfully weaving a tapestry of online deception. In an era where e-commerce is booming, and online shopping is as routine as morning coffee, it’s paramount to be on guard. Hidden amidst the allure of digital … Read more

Who Is Yebulian Technology Limited? (Consumers, Watch Out!)

Who Is Yebulian Technology Limited

Who is Yebulian Technology Limited? – a question that has been echoing in the minds of many online shoppers recently.  It’s time to shed some light on this shadowy entity.  Yebulian Technology Limited is not just any company; it is the mastermind behind a web of fraudulent websites that have been flagged as scams by … Read more