Who Is Sayhi International Co., Limited? (Beware Of This Dubious Company!)

Who is Sayhi International Co., Limited? Sayhi International Co., Limited is a shell company known to operate countless fraudulent sites, preying on unsuspecting online shoppers. 

With the rise of e-commerce, it’s become increasingly important to recognize and avoid such deceptive entities. 

This article dives deep into the operations of Sayhi International Co., Limited, exposing its dubious practices and affiliations.

How Do sites under Sayhi International Co., Limited operate?

From freshly minted domains to misleading payment methods, Sayhi International Co., Limited leaves a trail of deception in its wake. 

Let’s unravel the mystery behind this company’s operations.

Newly Established Domains

A screenshot of the domain information of boktimesof.com in whois.com

The digital realm is vast, and every day, countless domains are registered.

However, a common tactic among scam entities is the rapid creation and disposal of domains. 

Take, for instance, boktimesof.com. Registered on August 8, 2023, this scam site, under the umbrella of Sayhi International Co., Limited, is a prime example of such a fleeting digital presence. 

The short lifespan of these domains serves a dual purpose: evading detection and perpetuating scams without leaving a long trail. 

For the unsuspecting shopper, a newly minted domain might seem like a fresh opportunity for unique products or deals. 

However, in reality, it’s often a digital mirage, hiding the true intentions of entities like Sayhi International Co., Limited.

Connected To A Fraudulent Email Address

A list of scam sites that use the email address support@mqnetworktechnology.zendesk.com

Email addresses are often the first point of contact between a business and its customers. 

However, Sayhi International Co., Limited exploits this trust by using the email address support@mqnetworktechnology.zendesk.com

This particular email is eerily reminiscent of the tactics employed by the scam company NOVVA LIMITED

A deeper dive reveals that this email address is not just a simple digital ID. It’s a nexus, connecting countless scam sites and deceptive social media campaigns. 

Here is the list of sites associated with this dubious email address:

  • xps.customercare-vip.com
  • prizepotca.com
  • henpackca.com
  • crabmin.com
  • strataet.com
  • globelsettling.com
  • bakerystaff.com
  • foldstate.com 
  • treetriangle.com
  • muchniceca.com
  • frontierdaca.com
  • allmostpass.com
  • deckmaskca.com

For the average consumer, this email might seem like a beacon of support. But behind the scenes, it’s a tool of deception, used to lure, trap, and exploit.

Copycat Content

A screenshot of the about us page of otherour.com

Originality is a hallmark of genuine businesses.

However, sites under Sayhi International Co., Limited often resort to copying content, a clear red flag for the discerning consumer. 

A screenshot of the article of fakewebsitebuster.com about the Uniqueness Scam Network

Their content mirrors descriptions found on fakewebsitebuster.com, a watchdog site that exposes the tactics of the “Uniqueness scam network.” 

A list of scam sites that operates under the Uniqueness Scam Network

This notorious network, infamous for its deceptive practices, operates multiple shell companies with the sole intent of scamming unsuspecting customers. 

Some of the sites that are under this scam network include 

  • igsaleonu.com- support@tableuous.com
  • lambent.shop- service@myopic.shop
  • cameronxyy.com- cameronxyy@gmail.com
  • hietery.shop- service@hietery.shop
  • waseemin.com- sothbreecom@hotmail.com
  • fairy-owl.com- service@vendafacilbr.com
  • shopyys-bm.com- service-aftersales@outlook.com
  • woodenn.shop- service@controllingi.com
  • wonderlandsale.com- admin@kobaltstore.com
  • localfiv.com- service@vipcs24h.com
  • brandymelvillee.com- brandymelvillee@gmail.com
  • hightline.com- anniey3dma@outlook.com
  • hanglet.com- hanglet@erykh.com
  • maggerr.com- maggerr@gmail.com
  • kaulous.com- kaulous@ckkxr.com
  • sofapromotion.us- supports@servestores.com
  • gentlyform.com- customerservices@gentlyform.com

By mimicking content, these sites create an illusion of legitimacy, drawing in consumers into their web of deceit.

Misleading Payment Options

A screenshot of the home page of bellegirl.com that shows the icons of different payment options

In the age of digital transactions, consumers expect a variety of payment options. 

Sites associated with Sayhi International Co., Limited display different payment methods, from PayPal to credit cards. 

A screenshot of the checkout page of bellegirl.com that shows that the available mode of payment is through credit card transaction only

However, this is merely a smokescreen. Upon proceeding to checkout, a stark reality emerges: the only available payment method is via credit card. 

This tactic is twofold. First, it gives an illusion of choice and security. Second, it allows these sites to capture sensitive credit card information, paving the way for potential financial fraud.

Scam sites Associated with Sayhi International Co., Limited

A list of scam sites that operates under the scam company Sayhi International Co., Limited

The web is riddled with scam sites, and many of them operate under the umbrella of Sayhi International Co., Limited. 

These sites lure customers with attractive offers, only to deceive them in the end. Some of these scam sites include.

  • otherour.com– customerservice@otherour.com
  • bellegirl.shop– chuze122@outlook.com
  • ruletion.com- pewaodr@ruletion.com
  • sonatarice.com
  • 1fmcg.com- customerservices@1fmcg.com
  • bubblete.online- service@bubblete.online
  • tacticalequi.com- tacticalequi@gmail.com
  • tailtest.com– customerservice@tailtest.com
  • picuidce.com- support@picuidce.com
  • muchniceca.com- customerservices@muchniceca.com
  • strataet.com- customerservices@strataet.com
  • oahard.com- support@oahard.com
  • moreurad.online- service@moreurad.online
  • hathangca.com- customerservices@hathangca.com
  • actorcopy.com- customerservices@actorcopy.com
  • desely.com- desely@wbhna.com
  • pititor.com- pititor@restition.com
  • flipblow.com- customerservices@flipblow.com
  • dickbu.com- support@dickbu.com
  • muizof.com- service@muizof.com
  • wonderjoyca.com- customerservices@wonderjoyca.com

Navigating the intricate web of online commerce, it’s clear that behind some enticing storefronts lie hidden traps set by entities like Sayhi International Co., Limited.

The Final Verdict

So, who is Sayhi International Co., Limited? It’s a shell company linked to the dubious email address support@mqnetworktechnology.zendesk.com, operating in the same vein as NOVVA LIMITED of the notorious “Uniqueness scam network.” 

This company, along with its affiliated sites, is designed to deceive and scam consumers. 

As we journey through the digital age, it’s crucial to arm ourselves with knowledge, ensuring our online adventures remain scam-free.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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