Is Mystery Shopping A Scam? Can You Actually Make Money Secretly Shopping?

Some people like shopping. Going to the stores, and browsing through all the different products. Trying on clothes, checking out appliances, or searching through the different flavors of a certain product, shopping can be a pretty enjoyable thing to do. And if that’s you, you may just enjoy a job as a mystery shopper. Is … Read more

Is AmeriPlan USA a scam? Or Is It A Legit Progam?

Discount codes

Is AmeriPlan USA a scam? Are the discounts as real as they seem? Can you actually make money with their program? Follow us as we take an unbiased looked at AmeriPlan USA. Company: AmeriPlan (AP) Creators: Dennis and Daniel Bloom Description: Discount Medical Plan Organization that offers discounted medical plans for a monthly fee. Price: … Read more