List Of Work At Home Scams – Sites We Wouldn’t Recommend You Use!

List Of Work At Home Scams – Sites We Wouldn’t Recommend You Use!

When searching the web of internet fraudsters, and scam hustlers, we run into quite a few sites that make the claims that you can make money, while working from home.

Many of these sites have been found to be illegitimate sites that sadly pull many people in. We’ve published a list of other sites that are legit, but due to finding so many scam sites, the legit site list is rather short.

If you know of websites that are work from home, or have one that you’re interested in having us take a look at, then don’t hesitate to ask us via our contact form, or by leaving a comment below! We always love looking into Make-money-online websites!

Below are two categories that the sites are broken into:

  1. Scam Websites To Avoid
  2. Sites That Aren’t Worth Your Time

The first category are sites that very clearly are scams. They are sites that should be avoided at all cost.

The second category are sites where they aren’t necessarily scams, but we’ve found much better, and more legit programs that we would recommend instead of them.

(Note: those that have links embedded in them are sites that we personally wrote a review of them, and are linking to our site. If you wish to have us review a site that haven’t written about, feel free to contact us.)

Scam Websites And Programs To Avoid!
Cash Flipping

Sites That Aren’t Worth Your Time!

16 Replies to “List Of Work At Home Scams – Sites We Wouldn’t Recommend You Use!”

  1. Is the website a scam?
    The name of the site tends to change depending on the referral link used to open the site. It may open as or or and so on.
    This is one of the links: [Link Redacted]

    1. Hey Patrick,

      I personally wouldn’t trust this site – they have a captcha test that is very easy to by-pass. Also, I made 5 dollars (or something like that), and when I went to get paid, they said there was an error, and I lost all the money (it really wasn’t that much tbh).


  2. This company keeps emailing me to the pro for them doing package inspecting. Their number is 8884I9I5I9 and they did not give a website just the company name “ELBEN ONLINE STORE”LLC . They asked for all my information

  3. Hello guys, please tell me more about this site (, I was trusting that this was for real… I’ve spent time but luckily no money since I’ve already lost $1250 in other sites, unfortunately. I emailed one of the “users” who wrote about buying referrals because you actually need 40 referrals to be able to withdraw whatever you make.. and she emailed me back saying that it was true bla bla bla (helenagillmore100(@)


    1. Hey JC,

      First off, Helen’s email address appears to be one that has been linked to other fraudulent websites. So I personally wouldn’t trust her, or what she says.

      For another thing, this site has nearly 20 or so other ‘look-a-like’ sites – look at our list, and you’ll see most of them (if they end in .fun, .icu, .host, and have ‘money’ in the domain name, then it’s probably one of them). Also, we’ve found their FAQ page on completely different sites as well.

      Additionally, if you actually go to make money, you’ll find that their Captcha doesn’t exactly seem to be a real Captcha test. All their doing is just randomly putting up 4 images – but if you go into the source code and look at each image, the image name is named exactly what the number is! This means that someone could write a script that looks into the source code, finds the numbers, and inputs them into the form box – all without seeing a single ad, and doing it a lot quicker than most people can.


  4. How is earnshot a scam since they are not asking for sensitive personal information? I just registered and only afterwards saw it on your list.

    1. Many of these sites have been recently updated. Earnshot used to be similar to MY Work For Life. If you go to, it now comes up as the new Data Entry Scam, which we wrote about here.

      The reason it’s a scam is because you can’t get paid. It’s not so much a matter of them taking sensitive data from you, but more a matter of the site not being legit.

  5. Hi have you heard of I looked at their website and made an enquiry but their booking procedure seems suspicious and I can’t find any reviews at all in them.

    1. Hey Joanne,

      I wouldn’t recommend this site. They don’t appear to be around for a long enough time. They don’t appear anywhere on the internet (in reviews, etc). And they don’t seem to load for us. So we wouldn’t really trust the site just yet.

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